How to easily rename your pictures based on their predicted class using a trained Convolutional Neural Network in TensorFlow.

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Deep Learning is a subfield of machine learning that uses multi-layered neural networks to extracts patterns from data. Normally, it takes a long time to build and train a high-accuracy model. However, what if you could get a model that was built and trained by an expert and apply it to solve your problems? Well, you can! And it may take just a few lines of coding.

This is called Transfer Learning, which is a technique that reuses a model created…

How to train a Deep Learning model to classify images of clothing using Convolutional Neural Networks in TensorFlow.

Fashion MNIST Samples by Zalando

Deep Learning is a subfield of machine learning that uses multi-layered neural networks to extracts patterns from data. My objective within this project is to present how to apply Deep Learning concepts to an image classification problem. For this, we are going to train a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to classify a dataset of clothing using the TensorFlow library in Python.

In the last few years, Convolutional Neural Networks has been achieving superhuman performance on some complex visual tasks. …

How to easily start using five valuable Pandas methods that can help in your next data analysis projects.

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If you came here not knowing exactly what the title means, I am not talking about the cool animal in the picture above. The Pandas I am talking about, which is also very cool, is an open source library for data manipulation and analysis, built on top of the Python programming language.

My objective within this post is to show you some useful resources of the Pandas library that you can easily use for your data analysis projects. I will present five…

How to get Bitcoin historical price and plot a candlestick using Python.

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Bitcoin price has been increasing significantly in the last few months, going from around US$10.000 to its historical peak around US$50.000. Following the price jump, people’s interests in this cryptocurrency also increased, as we can see in the chart below with data from Google Trends (past 12 months).

Data source: Google Trends

If you are one of these people and are interested in operating Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies), one important graph you should use to perform your analysis is the candlestick, mainly if you are interested in trading…

How to use Tabula, Pandas and Regex to extract information from your brokerage note in PDF format and save it to an Excel file.

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The brokerage note is a document generated by the broker when you negotiate in the stock market. Normally, it is generated every day you make a transaction and it is sent to you (or included in your account in the Broker portal) in a PDF format. These notes include all the information on the items you negotiated, such as price, quantity and fees. …

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Mechanical Engineer, Robotic Process Automation Developer, AI and Machine Learning Enthusiast

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